Labor MLC John Graham wants the NSW upper house to scrap photo restrictions

Sean Nicholls

November 10 2016 - 6:27PM


The newest member of the NSW upper house is calling on the state Parliament to follow the lead of the federal Senate and scrap restrictions on photographing politicians – even if they are asleep in the chamber.

The call was made by the Labor MLC John Graham in his inaugural speech on Thursday.

It follows last month's decision to dump a Senate rule that stated only politicians who are speaking – known as "having the call" – can be photographed.

"As a citizen, I support an open data agenda for NSW – we can produce both a more responsive government sector and a more competitive private sector by giving citizens more control over their own data," Mr Graham said.

"One way this chamber could be more responsive – and some traditions have to change – is to adopt the changes to its standing orders that the Australian Senate has recently adopted, to allow photography in the house. I support this change, and encourage the house to do so."

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